From Prototyping to Market Entry – the CO2BioClean Success Story

The start-up CO2BioClean transforms CO2 emissions into natural biopolymers and convinces with the project CO2Textile in the funding program EIC Accelerator. A total of €6.6 million in funding for CO2BioClean: €2.2 million grant and €4.4 million equity for market entry with CO2TEXTILE.

The Seal of Excellence makes it possible

In the EIC Accelerator, there can be breaks if an application is rejected several times. This is not uncommon in the EU’s highly competitive funding programme. With the Seal of Excellence, which nevertheless recognises outstanding companies, further opportunities open up.

Millions in funding received from the EU Innovation Fund

With the help of the EU Innovation Fund, the European Commission aims to achieve the goal set in the Paris Climate Agreement – climate neutrality by 2050. To this end, the Innovation Fund will provide millions of euros in funding for climate protection technologies, so-called “clean-tech”.

Results of the second EIC Accelerator funding round

In the largest funding round of the EIC Accelerator to date, a total of 99 innovative start-ups as well as SMEs from 21 countries received the coveted funding as of the October deadline. The funding amounted to 627 million euros. Among those funded is CO2BioClean, a company advised by DORUCON.

Applying for the EIC Accelerator

The EIC Accelerator is open to new technologies and innovations that reach market maturity and promotes preparation for market entry. Companies applying for the EIC Accelerator have to prove themselves in three steps – and benefit from a grant of up to 2.5 million euros if the assessment is positive.