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With the EIC Accelerator, you have the opportunity to receive up to 2.5 million euros in funding for your innovation.

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The EIC Accelerator is the most attractive and challenging
funding program of the European Union. Embedded in the Horizon Europe framework program, it promotes individual
projects of European small and medium-sized enterprises.

The focus of the funding is on companies that can sustainably and disruptively change the market with their high-risk ideas with high market potential.

The EIC Accelerator started as a pilot in the Horizon 2020 programme as a continuation of the so-called SME Instrument. With the end of Horizon 2020 and the entry into force of the new Horizon Europe Framework Programme, the former pilot is entering a new phase as the EIC Accelerator in the Horizon Europe Framework Programme: new applications and proposals, new thematic priorities, new innovation, new open calls, new challenges for companies.

The EIC Accelerator at a glance.

The EIC Accelerator supports the development and scaling of your innovation.

It is an EU funding programme that is open to all sectors and technologies.

Funding of up to 2.5 million euros is provided in the form of non-repayable grants.

In addition, there is the option of blended financing: this allows you to obtain up to 15 million in additional equity.

As part of the funding, you will receive access to business acceleration services, such as coaching or mentoring.

  1. First come – first serve: that’s what the guideline says. Whoever submits their application first in STEP 1 will also be assessed first.
  2. Play it safe: In the past, it has happened that the EU portals were closed early. With an application prepared by professionals, you reduce the risk of not being able to submit on time.
  3. Quality assurance: Depending on the project, the processing time may vary. Start your preparations early and secure your application through our experts.

3 reasons to start your EIC prokect now

We enable your

Make innovation happen: With our full service and our 10
years of experience in funding for innovations and SMEs, we support you as a partner from the very beginning.

From the selection of funding programs, to the conception of applications, to the submission of applications and beyond, we are at your side with our expertise.

With DORUCON consulting, you have a five times higher chance of success for EIC Accelerator funding.

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Our EIC Accelerator Consulting

Benefit from our experience.

EIC Accelerator Teamwork

In our multidisciplinary and international team we look back on 10 years of experience in the acquisition of EU funding.

Our team consists of 25 experienced experts when it comes to funding. We have a pool of tools and methods that enable us to successfully submit your EIC application.


bring expert knowledge and know-how to your application and pave your way to Brussels.


from various disciplines, for example engineering, physics, chemistry, business administration and many more.


of our applications receive an invitation to Brussels.*


*Of all applications submitted, about 8 percent receive an invitation to interview.

We bring innovations
to the market.

With our EIC Accelerator consulting, we take you all the way to Brussels. We accompany you step by step – from project evaluation to application approval and beyond.

In concrete terms, this means that you present your project to us and we get involved in the preparations and take over the application process as a full service. This means: You don’t have to worry about the application process and can concentrate on your day-to-day business. We also assist you with pitch training and prepare you optimally for your meeting in Brussels. After the application has been approved, we also offer to provide administrative support for the project.

5 steps to success

This is how you benefit from our EIC Accelerator advice.






Proposal editing





1. free project evaluation

  • Fill out our free funding check and you will receive our feedback and initial assessment within a very short time.
  • In our subsequent initial consultation, we will then discuss the results and possible next steps with you.
  • In this way, you will receive your personal funding concept in the first step of our EIC Accelerator consultation.

2. preparations for your EIC Accelerator application

  • To prepare you, we will guide you through your personal EIC workshop.
  • In this way, we develop the basics for your application.
  • Once our application framework is in place, we create your project outline and pitch deck, both in terms of content and graphics.
  • We will also advise you on the video pitch – benefit from our network.

3. EIC application editing

  • Now comes the so-called full proposal – i.e. the detailed project description and the financial planning of your project.
  • We prepare your application for submission and design it both in terms of content and graphics.
  • Our EIC Accelerator consulting also includes submitting the application with you and answering any questions the project sponsor may have.

4. Pitchtraining with our consultants

  • If you have received an invitation to the pitch interview, we will prepare you optimally for it.
  • With our experts, you will receive personal coaching so that you can also convince the reviewers on site.

5. approval of your project

  • You have convinced the reviewers 100 percent with your application and your pitch.
  • We take care of the administration, including obtaining the grant notification, preparing the payments and preparing the reports.
  • We accompany all grants from project start to project end – and are happy to monitor your project progress.

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EIC Accelerator Consultants

EIC Accelerator Berater Dr. Alexander Bommer

Dr. Alexander Bommer

EIC Accelerator Berater Dr. Jörg Rupp - Kopie

Dr. Jörg Rupp

EIC Accelerator - Consultant Martin Wagner

Martin Wagner

Quality standard

Quality is important to us.

Apply for the eic accelerator

This is how the application process works

Draft & Video pitch

Based on a project outline and a 3-minute video pitch, the reviewers make an initial pre-selection.

Full proposal

If you are convincing in the first step, a comprehensive application will be submitted by the deadline.


In the pitch interview, you have the opportunity to convince the reviewers of yourself and your project once again.

Receive funding

Convince with your pitch and you will receive the funding. Up to 2.5 million euros in non-refundable grants can be achieved.

Things to know about the EIC Accelerator

These are the requirements for promotion

Who is eligible for funding?

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), start-ups and young companies as well as natural persons can apply for the funding. The precondition is that they have a registered office in an EU member state. The funding program is open to all sectors and topics and supports individual company projects. The focus is primarily on the growth potential of the company: thus, the focus of the funding is on the market launch and commercialization of new ideas and innovations.

How is funding provided?

The EIC Accelerator is one of the most attractive but also most demanding funding programs worldwide. Grant funding can be up to 2.5 million euros per company – in addition, winners can receive equity capital of up to 15 million euros (so-called blended financing)

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EIC Accelerator - Beratung und Beantragung

What is supported?

The funding program focuses on companies that can sustainably and disruptively change the market with their high-risk ideas with high market potential. Both technical and non-technical innovations, such as social innovations or innovations from the service sector, are supported.

In detail:

  • TRL 6,7 and 8 activities by non-dilutive grant funds
  • TRL 9 with dilutive equity investment

How is the grant calculated?

Funding is provided for 70 percent of the total project costs. The funding amount is between 0.5 and 2.5 million euros.

Innovation Funding Horizon Europe

The new EIC Accelerator since 2021

Main topics

The program has already started in 2019 as “EIC Accelerator Pilot” as a continuation of the former “SME Instrument”. Now, the EIC Accelerator joins the Horizon Europe framework program and brings some new features since 2021. In addition to the general openness to topics and industries (EIC Accelerator open call), new thematic priorities (EIC Accelerator Challenges) will also be set in 2023.

  • Biomarkers for cancer
  • Decontamination for pandemic management
  • Energy storage
  • New European Bauhaus
  • Quantum or semiconductor components
  • Resilient agriculture
  • Space technologies and services

How the application process works

On the basis of a outline and a pitch video, the EU experts assess the project in advance and make a preselection. These companies can then submit the full application. The outline is not bound to any deadline and can therefore be submitted at any time. However, the full proposal must be submitted by the deadline, only then will an evaluation take place.

The application process is designed to be agile:

  • Weak project proposals are left out at an early stage – giving the best the chance to win.
  • Only two attempts are permitted in each round (i.e. for the outline, the full proposal and the pitch).
  • Cool-off-period: If applicants receive a second rejection they cannot start a new attempt until twelve months later.

Thus, it is crucial to be well accompanied by professionals. Get in touch with our consultants to start your EIC Accelerator project.


Deadlines and cut-off dates

The EU has published the cut-off dates with reservations. We will keep you informed here.

11th January

next deadline open call

22nd March

Deadline open call and challenge

7th June

Deadline open call and challenge

4th October

Deadline open call and challenge

Get started – with your EIC application.

With our full service and our +10 years of experience in the acquisition of subsidies, we support you as a partner from the very beginning.

From the conception of the application to the submission of the application and beyond we are at your side with our expertise.

It’s never too early. Start your EIC application today and request your free and personal consultation.

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