EIC Accelerator Consulting

Our full service: From project evaluation to application – with our EIC Accelerator consulting we take you all the way to Brussels.

We launch innovations on the market.

With our EIC Accelerator consulting, we take you all the way to Brussels. We accompany you step by step – from project evaluation to application approval and beyond.

For you, this means: You present your project to us. Our consultants check it for the requirements of the EIC Accelerator. If our evaluation is positive, we start the preparations and take over the application as a full service. This means that you do not have to deal with the application process and can concentrate on your daily business. We also assist you with the pitch training and prepare you optimally for your appointment in Brussels. After the application has been approved, we also offer you administrative support for the project.

5 steps to success

This is how you benefit from our EIC Accelerator consulting.


Project evaluation




Proposal redaction





1. Free project evaluation

  • Fill out our free funding check and you will receive our assessment within a very short time.
  • In our initial consultation, we will then discuss the results and the possible next steps with you.
  • Thus, in the first step of our EIC Accelerator consulting, you will receive your personal funding concept.

2. Preparations for your EIC Accelerator application

  • In preparation, we guide you through your personal EIC workshop.
    In this way, we develop the basics for your application.
  • Once our application framework is in place, we create your project outline and pitch deck, both in terms of content and graphics.
  • We are also available to advise you on the video pitch – benefit from our network.

3. EIC application redaction

  • Now the so-called full application follows – i.e. the detailed project description and the financial planning of your project.
  • We prepare your application for submission and design it both in terms of content and graphics.
  • Our EIC Accelerator consulting also includes submitting the application with you and answering any questions the project sponsor may have.

4. Pitch training with our EIC Accelerator consultants

  • Once you have received an invitation to the pitch interview, we ensure that you are fully prepared for your interview.
  • With our experts, you will receive personal coaching so that you can also convince the reviewers on site.

5. approval of your project

  • You have convinced the reviewers 100 percent with your application and your pitch.
  • We take care of the administration, including obtaining the grant notification, preparing the disbursements and preparing the reports.
  • We accompany all grants from project start to project end – and are happy to monitor your project progress.

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EIC Accelerator Consultants

EIC Accelerator Berater Consultant Dr. Alexander Bommer

Dr. Alexander Bommer

EIC Accelerator Consultant Jörg Rupp DORUCON

Dr. Jörg Rupp

EIC Accelerator Berater Consultant Martin Wagner

Martin Wagner

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