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What does the EIC Accelerator support and what should be considered when applying? We will show you what the requirements of the EIC Accelerator have been since 2021.

The EIC Accelerator 2021 at a glance.

The EIC Accelerator promotes the development & scaling of your innovation.

It is an EU funding program that is open to all sectors and technologies.

Funding of up to 2.5 million euros is provided in the form of non-refundable grants.

In addition, there is the option of blended financing: this allows you to obtain up to 15 million in additional equity.

As part of the grant, you will receive access to business acceleration services, such as coaching or mentoring.

Apply for the eic accelerator

This is how the application process works

Draft & video pitch

With a project outline and a 3-minute video pitch, the decision-makers make an initial preselection.

Full proposal

If you are convincing in the first step, a comprehensive application will be submitted by the deadline.


In the pitch interview, you have the opportunity to once again personally convince the reviewers of yourself and your project.

Receive promotion

Convince with your pitch and you will receive the funding. Up to 2.5 million euros in non-refundable grants can be achieved.

Things to know about the eic accelerator

These are the requirements for promotion

Who is eligible for funding?

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), start-ups and young companies as well as natural persons can apply for the funding. The precondition is that they have a registered office in an EU member state. The funding program is open to all sectors and topics and supports individual company projects. The focus is primarily on the growth potential of the company: thus, the focus of the funding is on the market launch and commercialization of new ideas and innovations.

How is funding provided?

The EIC Accelerator is one of the most attractive but also most demanding funding programs worldwide. Grant funding can be up to 2.5 million euros per company – in addition, winners can receive equity capital of up to 15 million euros (so-called blended financing)

EIC Accelerator 2021
EIC Accelerator 2021

What is supported?

The funding program focuses on companies that can sustainably and disruptively change the market with their high-risk ideas with high market potential. Both technical and non-technical innovations, such as social innovations or innovations from the service sector, are supported.

In detail:

  • TRL 6,7 and 8 activities by non-dilutive grant funds
  • TRL 9 with dilutive equity investment

How is the grant calculated?

Funding is provided for 70 percent of the total project costs. The funding amount is between 0.5 and 2.5 million euros.

Innovation funding horizon europe

The new EIC Accelerator since 2021

Main topics

The program has already started in 2019 as “EIC Accelerator Pilot” as a continuation of the former “SME Instrument”. Now, the EIC Accelerator joins the Horizon Europe framework program and brings some new features since 2021. In addition to the open call, further top down challenges are set in the new funding period.

Green Deal

Digital Technologies

Health Technologies

How the application process works

On the basis of a outline and a pitch video, the EU experts assess the project in advance and make a preselection. These companies can then submit the full application. The outline is not bound to any deadline and can therefore be submitted at any time. However, the full proposal must be submitted by the deadline, only then will an evaluation take place.

The application process is designed to be agile:

  • Weak project proposals are left out at an early stage – giving the best the chance to win.
  • Only two attempts are permitted in each round (i.e. for the outline, the full proposal and the pitch).
  • Cool-off-period: If applicants receive a second rejection they cannot start a new attempt until twelve months later. 

Thus, it is crucial to be well accompanied by professionals. Get in touch with our consultants to start your EIC Accelerator project.

Timeframe in the EIC Accelerator 2022

Deadlines and cut-off dates

12th January

Deadline 1

6th April

Deadline 2

15th June

Deadline 3

5th October

Deadline 4

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